Hi,we’re the Mooneys! I’m Kelsi, a wife, mama, graphic designer, adventure lover, and photo taker. Next to me is my pilot husband, Preston, who is a first officer at SkyWest, an adventure lover, proud daddy and the wings of all our travels! Most importantly, he is holding our little girl Myla, the newe girl in town (and not featured: our most favorite energetic sweet puppy, Brizzy).

Living minutes away from the base of the Northern Wasatch Mountains, we spend a large majority of our time exploring the mountains and adventuring the awesome town of Ogden, UT. Now, that we have the benefit of flying free and/or at a low cost we are going to begin our journey of TRAVELING as much as we can and as often as we can!

This blog will document some of our fun adventures and activities,  including travel tips on what to do, eat, and see and other exciting adventures we share in these new places we discover as a family.

I hope our blog inspires you to get out and explore this world, while living more freely and adventurously. Keep going, keep exploring and DON’T EVER STOP!