Believe it or not, Preston surprised me AGAIN with this quick little “daycation.” He told me he had a confession to make… he said, “I’ve got a sitter figured out for tonight and we’re flying somewhere early tomorrow morning.” To make things a little easier for all of us, he confessed EVERYTHING, even where we were going.

So the night before we put our little girl to sleep at my moms and went home to an EMPTY house (such a weird feeling not having a baby or a dog at home). We went straight to bed to get a few hours of sleep and woke up early to head to the airport.

After a QUICK flight, we jumped on the train into downtown Denver and had brekkie at Snooze! Seriously, I can’t get enough of that place – such yummy food! We had some time to kill before the game so we rode the Free Mall Bus around and went to a little farmers market and of course to Pot Belly’s so I could devour a chocolate malt (heaven).

We headed to the stadium and right as we walked in it started POURING RAIN. Flashbacks of our rained out game in Boston came rushing into our minds and we could only hope that the same wouldn’t happen in Denver! After a few good downpours, they uncovered the field and things were GOLDEN!!!! No more rain the rest of the game, AND it was overcast so it made the 1 o’clock game a lot more bearable in the heat!

Anyway, we had the BEST day at the game and spending time together. I seriously can’t believe we are able to do that in ONE DAY – how fun is that?! It’s tiring, but fun. I cannot wait to head to more stadiums with my lover boy (and miss Myla too)! There is nothing quite like a day/night at the ballpark!



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