Day 1 was one for the books. We woke up and walked to breakfast at Mike & Patty’s. Such a fun, extremely TINY little sandwich shop with the most EXCELLENT food! Seriously, I couldn’t have loved it more!!! I actually dropped half of my sandwich on the ground and it was the most devastating thing that could’ve ever happened (rest in peace you delicious little half sandwich you).


We then made our way to the Freedom Trail. The red brick trail guides you through 2.5 miles of Boston’s most historic places! It’s a must do for sure when you’re in town! We found plenty of good eats/treats along the way as well. One of our favorites was Quincy Market, LOTS and LOTS of food options, live music and little shops. Totally worth a visit! Here were a few of our stops along the Freedom Trail:

Boston Common
Old Granary Burying Ground


Old South Meeting House
USS Constitution




We also made a stop this day at Mike’s Pastry! OH. MY. YUM. If you’re looking for a cannoli, cookie, croissant, really ANY dessert, this place is a MUST. You will not be disappointed!


Day 2 was supposed to be our dream-come-true day watching the Red Sox play at Fenway Park. It rained, no actually it POURED and the game got cancelled. We were able to take a tour of the park (which I would totally recommend) whether you get to watch a game or not. It’s another place with SO much history! (You can find more on our tour of Fenway HERE).

After the tour and after getting DRENCHED from head to toe, we got some lunch at Crush Pizza and Al’s Cafe. Both, were so so good! We’re major foodies so obviously we had to eat at two different places for lunch, like seriously – we have issues. BUT, at least I can tell you now how good the TWO places were!


The rain was RELENTLESS, like would NOT let up at all! SO we went to the New England Aquarium! I probably wouldn’t have went there on any other trip to Boston but it was seriously SO fun for Myla and we enjoyed drying off/warming up for a couple of hours. She absolutely loved getting to “pet” the sting rays and star fish, looking in all the tanks, watching the penguins, and just enjoying being out of her stroller walking around. If you are traveling with kids, this is a fun place to visit for sure!


That’s pretty much how we wrapped up the trip. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat at a grocery store and get back to our apartment to get some dry clothes on and relax before having to wake up at 4am to catch our flight back home!

We seriously had THE best trip (well, besides the game being cancelled) and we can’t wait to go back to ACTUALLY watch a Sox game.

BUT let me tell you, getting home was another story. The day before we were supposed to catch our flight there were like 15 tornadoes in Atlanta and so Atlanta cancelled 1004 flights, which caused a ripple effect canceling more and MORE flights. The airport was a JOKE. We generally can print a boarding pass, get through security and try to jump on a flight, BUT this day you couldn’t even PRINT a boarding pass without getting in Delta’s 2 hour line first (there had to be tons of people missing flights that we could have jumped on had we been able to get through security). We were at the airport for a few hours trying to figure things out before we FINALLY made it through security only to find ZERO flights open (every stand by list had like 100 people on it that were paying customers bumped from previous flights).

So we decided to go back through security AGAIN and try to catch a flight withUnited, which was a little less crazy. We dealt with that for a couple hours until we found a flight to Denver with ONE seat open. We were running low on Myla’s formula and diapers (I’ll be overpacking next time for sure) and so I took the open seat and Preston flew jump seat. Leaving his parents stranded in all that chaos was the worst feeling, but we were really out of options.

We made it to Denver, FINALLY (I was squished next to a broad shouldered guy and the aisle right by the bathroom with Myla in my lap, I was MISERABLE)! We spent several hours in Denver as our flight got delayed 3-4 times and AGAIN found one seat open that I took and Preston was able to fly jump seat. So, after 22 hours at the airport or on a plane WE MADE IT TO SALT LAKE (hallelujah)! It was one heck of a day but we made it home safe with one diaper and one bottle to spare. We’ll call that a win.

Preston’s parents made it home EVENTUALLY. We felt so terrible for them, they were stuck in Boston for 2 additional days!! It was a mess, but it’s a trip we will NEVER forget!


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