My husband has been a die hard Boston fan for most of his life and ever since I’ve known him he’s wanted to GO to Fenway to watch the Sox play! We got my in-laws tickets to the game for Christmas and they invited us to tag along with them – hence the trip to Boston!

Preston’s dreams were finally coming true and we were super excited for the perfect trip to see the Sox play at FENWAY! Well, things DID NOT go as planned, mother nature had something else in mind – RAIN and lots and LOTS of it!

We woke up the morning of the game and excitedly got all our Sox gear on and jumped on the Subway to Fenway. It had already started raining but we were hopeful that the weatherman was off by a few hours. We got to Fenway only to find that the game had already been CANCELLED!!! ARE. YOU. FREAKING. KIDDING. ME.? We fly all the way to Boston to see the Sox and the game gets CANCELLED. Such a big FAT bummer!!! I’ve never seen Preston SO disappointed. I’m not even a die hard Sox fan (although I do think they’re pretty great) and I was sorely disappointed. Like we flew here to see them so they have to play, right? WRONG.

Although we didn’t get to see the Sox play like we had wished, we were able to take a tour of the park and learn all the history instilled into this amazing park. Looking back at these pictures makes me THAT much more excited to go back and see the players out there in uniform and the stands filled with fans! We’ll be back Fenway!



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