You should all know that one of our biggest priorities when we travel is eating at the BEST places we can find. Seriously, our travels revolve around this. It’s this problem that we can no longer deny – WE LOVE FOOD!

I only have a few listed this time, we ate so much (good) crap all day that we really only ate breakfast and lunch somewhere and ended up going to a grocery store nearby and getting a salad for dinner because we were still SO FULL. What I’m trying to say is, that I may have only listed a few places here, but I assure you, they are the BEST few places in Boston!!!



This place was FAN(freaking)TASTIC! It’s the cutest/unique little corner cafe that makes the most delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast and lunch! I got there sandwich called “FANCY” (pictured above) – so much YUM. The house mayo was the BEST! It seriously DID NOT disappoint. The most disappointing thing was when I dropped 1/4 of my sandwich on the ground (I almost cried). Preston got the “BREAKFAST GRILLED CRACK” and that was super good too! I would recommend either one, but the FANCY is a must!




I have DREAMED of eating a real cannoli like this one. Let’s just say that I was NOT ready for this sweet/rich oreo cannoli we found at this Italian bake shop! I love sweets more than anything, but this was really almost TOO much for me. It’s definitely something you NEED to try and this is the best place, if you’re in Boston! We also got a cream cheese croissant and that was pure HEAVEN. I was not the least bit disappointed because this shop really is one of a kind and there are so many different yummy treats you can try there if some things just aren’t for you!




If you know me and Preston you know we are ALL ABOUT a good philly and we found a DELICIOUS one here (the picture does not do it justice)! They have a mean meatball sub that I would recommend as well! This place was just so GOOD that I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on their menu. It’s a MUST EAT for sure!




This pizza place was AWESOME! They literally cook that delicious looking pizza in 90 seconds!!!!!! Is your mind blown? Mine was too! They have signature pizzas you can choose from or you can build-your-own. I built ours – margherita sauce with caramelized onions, garlic and sausage!!! YUM YUM YUM! PIZZA FOR PRESIDENT!


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