Our goal this year has been to go on a trip ONCE A MONTH. It sounds easy to just pick up and go somewhere, but between both of our schedules and finances going on this month, planning a trip in March was a hard one. After figuring things out, we were able to plan a (little) something something.

We decided to make a quick trip down to southern Utah, St. George to be exact! Preston’s grandparents live down there and we wanted to go see them and there is plenty of fun to be had there. The original plan was to take our dirt bikes down and ride them but things didn’t work out that way so we still ended up driving down (about 5 hours) so we could have our car to get around town (although, a 45 min flight with a baby sounded SUPER nice).

We ended up driving down after I got off work and didn’t leave town till 6 or 7, so we didn’t get to St. George till midnight! Poor Myla didn’t nap much that day and was over tired and screamed/cried for two hours, until I somehow tricked her into keeping her eyes closed long enough to fall asleep. It was an exhausting ride, but WE MADE IT (YAY)!

We had two FULL days there and we did our best to make the most of it, while taking some time to just RELAX. We spent the majority of our time hiking, shopping and eating.

Snow Canyon State Park – I still don’t know how it’s not a national park, it is so BEAUTIFUL! There are tons of hiking trails, rock climbing areas, biking trails and horseback riding. There’s also a campground there that we would like to stay at in the future! Serioulsy, this park is filled with the most stunning/towering sandstone cliffs – a definite must see!

Dixie Rock – If you’re looking for something a little less adventurous and/or time consuming, you should check this place out! It’s right in St. George and offers a view of the whole city. It’s usually full of tourists but you should still see it atleast once! It’s a fun little hike with awesome views for people of all ages!

TJ Maxx
– If you’re anything like me, you LOVE TJ Maxx in just about ANY city. Well, the St. George TJ can not be skipped out on. It’s a big store and they have a lot in their Home Goods section as well. I can’t leave this place without finding SOMETHING! This TJ has seriously got it goin’ on (haha).

Urban Renewal – So many fun/unique finds here! A little bit of old mixed with new! It’s a store that I don’t always find something but a store that I love to explore for hidden treasures!

– Seriously, our FAVORITE restaurant in St. George. In fact, we would drive to St. George JUST for Irmitas!!!! Most the time we settle with (6) tacos and a quesadilla! If you’re looking for the best tacos in town, this is definitely it! I can’t stress it enough, this place is just THE BEST!!!

La Cocina – It is hard for us to stray away from Irmitas when visiting St. George but we were not the least bit disappointed, SO good. So if you’re looking for another authentic Mexican restaurant in St. George, this is it! They have an awesome selection of salsas to go on your Chile Verde burrito/tacos (thats what we got and OH. MY. YUM.). We will definitely be back for more next time we’re in town!


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