We were only in Denver for 2 days, but we had a blast! We left our baby behind this trip and it was SO nice to spend some time together (just the two of us). For me, that was my first night without miss Myla since August, so it was SUPER needed!

We flew out early on a Wednesday morning and so we were able to land fairly early in Denver. AGAIN, we were able to find a train that ran from the airport all the way downtown  to where our hotel was  (so awesome).

The train comes and goes every 15 minutes and only costs $9 a person so it was a lot cheaper than taking an uber/taxi and only added about 15-20 min to our travel time. Definitely worth it!

We took the train all the way to the…




You should definitely spend some time here. Such a cool building to explore and SEE (so pretty and unique)! There are a few fun shops, restaurants and bars there too. We hung out here again before heading home, as we waited for our train to arrive.

From here, we made our way to the…



Our hotel (Hotel Monaco) was just off of this road which made it super convenient getting from place to place just by jumping on the FREE mall bus. This is a mile-long, pedestrian-friendly Mall where we explored all the fun shops, restaurants and food carts!

Right on 16th Street you will also find the MONEY MUSEUM:
Here we took a short self-tour, where we learned about the history of money displayed along the walls (samples of bills and coins through history). On the way out you even get to take a bag of shredded money, kind of cool! You do have to go through security to get in, showing ID and going through a metal detector. But, best of all it’s totally FREE and kind of a fun (small) museum to check out!

Along your 16th Street Mall experience, make sure to make a stop at…




This is a small historic block where Denver really began. On this street you will find some restaurants, shopping and nightlife! We didn’t spend a ton of time here but it is definitely a cool area to explore!

We had a couple other things TO DO in mind, but they didn’t work out like we wanted…

Here you take a tour and learn how the government produces billions of coins each year for the American public. However, you do have to buy your tickets  and there are limited tickets available (so try to get them in advance if you can). We thought this would be a really fun place to visit, but unfortunately the day we were able to go there were field trips booked the entire day with the local schools, BUMMER!

We’re big-time baseball fans and neither one of us has every been to Coors Field. We were really hoping to take a tour here to see the field, dug outs, locker room, etc., and the day we went there were NO tours (they only do them on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). So, if this is something you are looking to do, I would plan ahead and see what days they are doing tours when you’re there!


Our trip ended all too quickly but we made the best use of our time there! We were able to make a flight back home Thursday afternoon and were able to get there easily on the train! Transportation in Denver is super easy if you are like us and stay downtown. We relied on the train, the FREE mall bus and our two feet to get everywhere we wanted to go! Uber was also another great option we used to get to UNCLE Ramen – which you can hear more about here!


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