I had a friend of mine asking about how we got around Seattle when we were there this last fall. I realized that I didn’t mention anything about it and thought it would be super HELPFUL for those of you planning a trip there!

Originally, we planned on getting a rental car as soon as we made it to Seattle, but after talking with the bus driver, who was taking us to the rental car services, we were made aware of BETTER options.

He made us aware that parking in Seattle is possible but is expensive and very LIMITED. Most parking lots charge an unreasonable amount per day.

We were so lucky this guy was able to inform us of this BEFORE we rented a car. He was so awesome and just kept us on the shuttle to return to the airport where we could jump on the…

This light rail system runs from the airport, ALL THE WAY to downtown Seattle (who knew?!). The fare was between $2 and $3 for each of us and only took about 40 minutes to get us downtown to our hotel. It was super cheap and easy to ride – we were even able to leave our baby in her stroller the entire ride!

We stayed in a hotel downtown, so this Link Light Rail is literally ALL we used besides our own two feet. We used it to get from the airport to our hotel and from our hotel back to the airport – EASY!

Staying downtown made it super easy and convenient to walk EVERYWHERE we wanted to go. Seattle is a lot smaller/compact than a bigger city, like San Francisco (where we just went). You can easily walk from downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market, and The Waterfront, within minutes of each other.

We were totally okay walking and even walked to the Space Needle and EMP Museum. This was a little further from our hotel but really only a 15 minute walk (pretty reasonable)!



So, if you’re planning on staying downtown in Seattle, we advise you not to rent a car and take the LINK LIGHT RAIL and WALK the rest of the time! If you’re worried about places being too far, just do what we did – pull out your iphone and type in where you want to go on “maps” and it will tell you how many minutes it will take you to walk there – and if it’s seems reasonable/manageable for you and your family then just walk! The city was easy to navigate and had plenty to see on our route to wherever we were going!

We hope you enjoy Seattle as much as we did!


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