Our last day in San Fran, already?! This trip was just a little too short, but that’s okay, we enjoyed every minute of it and it just means that we’ll have to go back!

Since we were short on time we really had to decide things we wanted to do and things that we might have time for later or not get to do at all. So we kind of just prioritized our day around things that we for sure wanted to do while we were there for the last day!

We were able to walk through China town but didn’t really explore it like we would like to someday, instead we just walked on through and headed down to Fisherman’s Wharf where there were more things that we wanted to for sure do!



This is osmething that was at the TOP of Preston’s list, so we did this first. And I am SO glad that we did because it was seriously our most favorite thing we did in San Fran. We had talked about just riding a boat around the island but after discussing what to do we decided we should either go out on the actual island or go on a city bus tour. So, we decided to just go out on the island (it was only $4 more than boating around it)! It was an interesting place that was scary/creepy/so cool and interesting all at once.

Myla fell asleep shortly after we arrived so Preston and I were able to get some MP3 players that had audio recorded by some of the inmates and guards that were on Alcatraz. The MP3 would guide yo around the building while telling stories of things that happened there and about fights and this and that. It was really cool and scary to be in the same place where this all took place. This, by far, made the whole trip worth it though! So happy we decided to make it out to the island!



We spent a large majority of the afternoon exploring the Wharf and spent a lot of time on Pier 39 scarfing down a delicious sour dough bread bowl and some fish, shrimp and calamari (we couldn’t help ourselves)!!! One regret we had in Seattle was not eating enough seafood and so we had to eat as much as we could (we had it again for dinner this night).

We ate, explored, watched the stinky seals and continued on to Ghiradelli Square. Unfortunately we were running out of daylight so we didnt’ spend much time at Ghiradelli Square. Instead, we walked up the STEEPEST hill ever to get to Lombard Street. We got there after the sun went down (SAD DAY) so I only got one picture that didn’t really even turn out (sad sad day). We then actually went back to Ghiradelli where Myla could walk around a little and enjoyed a little bit of chocolate. I was bummed that most everything was closed there but it was just fine – I was enjoying every minute with my cute little family. We ended the night back at the Wharf scarfing down some more seafood!!!!


Again, we rode the bus/cable car into china town/the wharf – SUPER EASY and cheap to ride! We walked a lot this day just because we were exploring the Wharf but you can easily ride the Trolleys from pier to pier (if you want).

At the end of the day we were too tired/wore out to hop on a bus so we ended up getting an Uber. Let me tell you, Uber in San Francisco is INSANELY fast. Each time we used Uber on this trip they were there to pick us up within THIRTY SECONDS (not joking). Apparently  there are 45,000 Uber drivers in the city and it definitely showed! Uber is fairly priced and easy to use, I highly recommend it!


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