We were BEYOND happy to step off the airplane in San Francisco! When we left Salt Lake it was snowing and we got stuck on the tarmac for over an hour with a baby screaming bloody murder (yes, it was our baby). She was fighting sleep harder than she’s ever fought it and she wanted the plane to MOVE! Me and Preston were stressin’ out and getting more and more frustrated by the second.

Luckily, once we got in the air most of the fussing stopped. She whined here and there for the first third of the flight, but she wasn’t SCREAMING (thank goodness). Then, she was able to calm down enough to play and then FALL ASLEEP (hallelujah)!!!! We survived and it made stepping off of that airplane as glorious as can be! We couldn’t be more excited to get out of there and get exploring (and get that girl movin)!

We didn’t arrive to San Francisco until the early afternoon so we chose to do a few things that were closer to our Airbnb that wasn’t located downtown. So we decided that we would go to…


Visiting “GG” is definitely a must while you’re in San Fran!!! We had a blast going to see this MASSIVE bridge.  Honestly, it was just awesome being able to soak up the sun that we hadn’t seen in a week (it had been snowing for a week straight back home)!!!

We seriously couldn’t believe how BIG the bridge was and we just enjoyed basking in her beauty and showing Myla all the boats in the bay. There was also some cool/interesting info in the visitors center that you could see/watch to learn about the building of the bridge (I still don’t know how they did it – CRAZY).



I had seen others post pictures of this beautiful place and I HAD to go there – so we went and it was definitely worth it! It’s such a unique rocky shoreline along the cliffs that was super easy and fun to hike around.

I think this is such a fun/unique place to check out and I would highly recommend it! I know that I’ll definitely be back there the next time we visit!


We stayed in an Airbnb that was located in the inner Richmond district between Presidio and the Golden Gate Park. It worked out for us but I would recommend staying downtown instead. There’s more to do downtown and it would still be easy to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and Lands End via bus/uber.

I would never recommend anyone staying in the Airbnb we used, it was filthy! So make sure if you do use Airbnb to rent a place with LOTS of reviews because ours only had 18 and it was definitely reviewed WAY too high by these people (YUCK)!!!

Thanks to “maps” on my iphone we were able to ride the local bus to the Golden Gate Bridge and Lands End SUPER EASY! It was a super short bus ride and the bus fare was only $2.50 a person and got us to both locations!


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