Traveling with our 8 month old little girl, hasn’t been TOO bad (so far). We’ve only taken her on a few flights and they’ve gone fairly well, besides when we just went to San Francisco (things didn’t go so well for her but we got stuck on the tarmac for an hour so that’s where the true problem arose – once we were in the air things were better).

However, the older she gets, it’s becoming more difficult each time. She’s at the age where she is a busy little bee who wants to stand up constantly and thinks she has to have EVERYTHING she sees and if she can’t have it she sometimes gets upset. She’s generally a happy baby who doesn’t cry often so that makes things a little easier for us when it comes to taking her on the airplane, but this obviously isn’t always the case.

I learn new things each time we travel to better our next trip with her. One of the most helpful things is making sure to pack her diaper bag JUST RIGHT for the flight!



Diaper Bag: Fawn Design
Not only is this diaper bag super cute and comfy to carry around, but it fits everything we use perfectly! I am seriously in love with this bag and love how easy it is to clean and organize. If you’re searching for the perfect bag, this is it!

Inside her diaper bag you will find:

  • 6-8 Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Changing pad clutch
  • Burp cloth / Bib
  • Gas drops
  • 1 Bottle
  • Water Bottle
  • Formula / Cereal
  • Change of clothes
  • 1-2 Toys
  • Small blanket
  • Binky / Binky clip
  • Baby Mum Mums
  • 1 Plastic bag
  • Rash cream / Powder / Lotion / Soap / Baby Tylenol  / Hand sanitizer


Diapers: Huggies / Kirkland
I usually carry 6-8 diapers in her bag at a time but this can differ depending on how far we are traveling. I always buy a pack of diapers (this last trip we bought a 27 count) that we throw in our carry on bag. This saves us time when we make it to our destination so that we aren’t having to run to the store to buy any diapers.

Wipes / Clutch: Kirkland / Huggies
I usually have a Huggies refillable wipe pack in her bag and then we have an additional big pack of Kirkland Wipes that we store in our carry on (this way we won’t run out of wipes). The refillable pack is awesome because we can just add more to it so we aren’t carrying around the bigger pack in her bag.

Changing Pad Clutch: JJ Cole 
This is in the diaper bag at all times. I love having it to lay on top of any of those dirty changing tables, it keeps her off cold/hot surfaces, it’s easy to clean off or if we aren’t around a restroom, it’s easy to lay down ANYWHERE.

Burp Cloth / Bib: Carters / Old Navy
I love having a burp cloth on hand for any spit up or even just drooling. The bib we use for any food she might eat on our trip and we love having it on the plane for when she eats her baby mum mums!

Gas Drops: Little Remedies
We use these pretty frequently and they are nice to have on hand if anything bothers her little tummy. The formula we use can be bubbly at times and we like to kill some of those bubbles with a single drop of this stuff!

Bottle: Latch
For obvious reasons. On the plane this is all she eats, besides the Mum Mums. We only pack 1 bottle and just keep a bottle cleaner and travel size dish soap on hand to clean it after each use. For shorter trips, one bottle has worked GREAT!

Water Bottle: Contigo
We usually fill this up after security to take with us on the flight. She absolutely loves drinking out of it and I like giving her some after eating her baby mum mums to make sure they get washed down. A lot of the time we actually store this in one of our bags.

Formula / Cereal: Kirkland / Gerber
We keep a small container of formula in her diaper bag so we aren’t digging through our carry on bag trying to find it when we’re in a rush. I also carry a small container of her rice cereal (she eats this through a bottle every night before bed) for bed time or if we don’t have time to give her any “real” food this allows a change in food for her. Additional formula and cereal gets packed in our carry on bag.

Spare Clothes: Pants / Shirt / Beanie / Shoes
You never know when your baby may need a spare change of clothes. We only pack one spare change of clothes for her because we only take carry ons so if we need anything else we usually have easier access to more clothes (if needed). As for shoes, she likes to kick them off almost the second we put them on, but I like to have them for when she goes walking around so she’s not getting her socks absolutely filthy or wet (so usually we just pack these in the carry on).

Toys: Sophie la Giraffe / IKEA
I only take 1-2 toys for her to play with because we are out and about most of the time and she is content in her stroller/baby carrier without any toys. But, on the plane her toys ofter a little distraction! Sophie la Girafe is usually always a crowd pleaser because she loves chewing on it. We also found this weird “twin bird” toy at IKEA that she absolutely LOVES!

Small Blanket: Aden + Anais / Minky Couture
We either carry the small blanket like the one in the picture with us when we hold her so it doesn’t really go INSIDE the bag really ever or we throw it in our carry on. Since it’s been so cold here, we’ve substituted this blanket for her warmer Minky blanket, which I love for the airplane because it offers more cushion for napping and is warmer when we are pushing her around in her stroller.

Binky: Amazon
This usually doesn’t stay in her bag either. I like her to suck on her binky for take off and descents to help her ears (she’s never seemed  bothered), but I love having it on a clip so that we don’t lose it and she can’t spit it out on the ground.

Baby Mum Mums: Walmart
These have been a LIFE SAVER for us the last couple of flights and are definitely a MUST. She absolutely loves being able to feed herself and I love them because they dissolve super easily so I don’t worry about her choking. They don’t make much of a mess either, which is even more perfect when she’s sitting in my lap on an airplane. We seriously would die if we ever forgot these.

Plastic Bag:
This is so simple to pack and takes up almost no room in her bag. It can be very useful if we need to stash wet/messy clothes or blankets.

Small Items:
Most of these items are not pictures but are usually carried in her diaper bag at all times or some of them, just when we travel. So that they fit easily in her bag, we buy travel sizes.
– Diaper Rash Cream: A+D
– Baby Powder: Johnson’s
– Baby Lotion: Johnson’s
– Baby Wash: Johnson’s
– Medicine: Infant’s Tylenol
– Hand Sanitizer
– 1 Spare Bottle Nipple:
this one we use for her cereal
– Baby Spoon







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