Obviously, I’m home alone quite frequently as a pilot’s wife. However, this isn’t my first time being home alone without my husband. He’s in the military and has gone on a few deployments while we have been married so I’ve been home alone for months at a time.

But, being a pilot’s wife is still very new to me. I sometimes find myself wishing he had chose another career, but that is totally unfair and I AM okay with it. Yes, I’m home alone a lot (with our little girl and our pup) and there are days that are difficult and seem unfair.

It’s easy to think about how hard or unfair it is to be alone on those difficult days, but there are definitely some perks to be a pilot’s wife too:

Pretty self-explanatory and it’s freaking awesome! Something I always have to think about when I think that I have it “rough.”

Flying standby isn’t always my most favorite thing just because we’ve already been unable to make flights, we don’t always sit by each other (which isn’t always the easiest with our little girl) and we have to tentatively plan on making it where we want to go (or have a backup plan (or two)) and sometimes just end up driving back home. But, when things work out, it’s AWESOME!
Since I work part-time, we actually have days during the week off together! This has become one of my most favorite things since he’s become an airline pilot. It’s nice to be out and about while everyone is at work; there’s never lines anywhere we go and it’s more time for us to be together.

I seriously LOVE these sweet moments during the week that we get to spend together. I feel like we are totally just sluffing work.


I love having the “freedom” to do anything and everything that I want to do, no opinions around to stop me. So when my husband is gone and our baby is napping or in bed, I flee either straight to the couch to binge watch any shows that I can’t get my husband to watch or I literally RUN to my computer to work on designs I’ve been longing to create. Half the time I don’t even know where to start, I feel like Kevin on Home Alone who just realized he is FREE to do whatever he wants!!! The computer is ALL mine, I can cook WHATEVER I want for dinner (heck, I can even have dessert for dinner), I can WATCH whatever chick flick I want to watch, or I can simply, enjoy the SILENCE.

Yes, I do miss my husband and half the time I am actually bored out of my mind without him, but most times I try to enjoy my time at home alone. I love being able to catch up on any “me” time I’ve missed out while trying to do things together as a family. I don’t sit around and think about him being gone all day, otherwise I’ll feel seriously alone and that’s no way to adjust to this pilot wife life. Instead, I focus on things that I don’t get to enjoy as much as I’d like to when we are busy together or I try and do the things that my husband doesn’t exactly “enjoy” doing.


A lot of the time my husband comes home knowing whether or not I’ve had a hard week so he’s AWESOME at coming home and taking over some of the duties that have been overwhelming for me while he was away. He also wakes up with our little girl in the middle of the night when she does, allowing me to get any needed rest that I’ve been missing out on white he’s been gone. I feel like having him come home and “rescue” us allows me to notice how much he really does help when he’s home, making me appreciate him so much more! It allows me to actually tell him MORE just how helpful he is and it allows him to be willing to help more.
I’ve been though all of the tough and hard times my husband has had to get to this moment. I couldn’t be more proud to support him in this dream he has chased for years. Not only that, but he has supported me in every single thing that I have chased after (which is a lot). He’s always there to encourage, love and support me in any way that he can and I want to do just that for him, too!

I loved at the very start when I’d pick him up from the airport, I’d see him standing there in his uniform; how cool that that was my husband standing in that pilot’s uniform?!  That pilot standing there flies passengers all over the US and he’s SO good at it. When I see him there in his uniform I am 100% PRIME TIME, in love with him. I just can’t get over when others look at him in “awe” as they see him in uniform. Those are the moments I sit back in my cool chair with my aviator glasses on.


Having time apart allows me to fall more in love with the days we DO have together. The time apart allows us to stay busy in our own individual ways, while allowing each of us to appreciate each other more when he’s gone (we are able to realize how much we rely on each other as a team). I get excited to see him after days apart, making our spark feel more alive and more like something we don’t have to work for. Instead, it’s something that’s already there. For us, distance has only benefited our relationship and has somehow allowed us to love one another even more than before.

Our little girl grins ear to ear the moment he walks in the door, and he loves coming home and having one-on-one time with her while I work. Our weeks don’t always feel like the week before. Instead, they each feel different and exciting! Heck, even our dog goes crazy when he’s home. Our lives really do  just feel more exciting!


Seriously, being a pilot’s wife has already had it’s good and bad moments, but instead of focusing on the bad I try to focus on everything good. Distance apart from one another has only strengthened our love and marriage and has given us more of an opportunity to truly appreciate how much each one of us contributes to the ins and outs of our daily routines. It’s given us a chance to travel and love more. Already, it’s given us so much and I know soon we’ll be used to it and the bad moments won’t feel so bad anymore. Instead, we will just look positively at the adventures that lie ahead and enjoy the love that grows between us as we enjoy all of the time we are given together.


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