After talking about going to the ice castles the last few years, we finally made it!!! Unfortunately, Preston got called into work so me and Myla were on our own (we were with family too)!

It was so fun, even us sicklies were able to survive the cold! I can’t even believe that these huge castles are all made out of ice and made totally by hand, it’s unreal! Going at night was awesome too because everything was lit up in all sorts of magical colors making the ice glow bright against the black sky! These castles are definitely a must-see!

If anyone has the opportunity to check them out, you definitely should! They are a true work of art and so fun to explore! Bonus: We got to meet the ice princesses!!! Myla was in total awe of them and wouldn’t take her eyes off Princess Ana. haha Future ice princess in the making! 😉

It’s still freezing cold around Midway so make sure you dress especially warm and make sure to bundle those little kiddies up! Their website has awesome advice on what to wear and answers other common questions you might have in regards to visiting the castles!



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