You heard right, a DAY cation (day trip)! Our first of many tiny adventures!

We woke up early in the morning and headed to the airport. We were running late, the roads were bad, the traffic was slow and we MISSED our flight. I was so sad because I was SO looking forward to getting my toes in the sand! We found another flight that was in an hour and there was a slim chance that we MIGHT make it on the plane so we went for it since we were already at the airport.

By some serious miracle, we made it on the plane (insert happy dance)!!! LAX we went!

The flight was kind of horrible. Myla is at such a BUSY age, she was tired and refused to sleep, and we were stuck in a middle seat between two guys with no arm rests! The poor guy on my left had toys thrown at him the whole flight and an apple juice spilt down his leg (still SO SORRY about that little mishap) from the sweetest little baby. I could tell he was bothered each time I told him I was sorry but he just continued to say “it’s okay.” Luckily he was wrapped up in a movie to be too bothered (I think). The guy on my right slept most of the flight (which was good for us) with his head cushioned by his neck pillow, which Myla tried to get ahold of the ENTIRE flight (my gosh hahaha).

She tossed and turned and yelled and was too busy to even watch the screen in front of her. I packed along some of her Baby Mum Mums (best idea) and so she ate those for a portion of the flight and was distracted by those, making my life a whole lot easier for a little while. After that I got her to sleep in my lap in the most awkward position that was the most uncomfortable to me, but hey I’ll take it!

We finally made it to LAX after what seemed like the longest flight and shuttled to our rental car (the place was a joke and took away a lot of our adventuring time) and headed to VENICE BEACH!

By this time, we were getting hangry so we headed straight to some little restaurant and of course, ordered everything seafood related! It was so so yummy!!!

After lunch, we just walked the pier and hung out and played on the beach! Myla wasn’t thrilled by the sand. She didn’t love it between her toes and refused to hold it in her hands haha but me and Preston enjoyed ourselves!

After a few hours at the beach we drove back and dropped off the rental car, shuttled back to the airport and caught our flight home. Luckily, Myla was super sleepy and she slept the WHOLE flight home! It was also a bonus that Preston got to sit next to me this flight so it was a lot easier to handle crazy miss Myla!

It was seriously the funnest tiny adventure and I can’t wait to do it again!


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