One of our most favorite things to do every winter is to go snowshoeing! And we got some awesome new snowshoes for Christmas last year from Costco! We had a free afternoon so we headed up to Snowbasin Resort to hike Old Snowbasin Road!

We took Myla’s baby carrier so that we could strap her on and she could enjoy the ride. We had also intended on bringing her sled so she could be pulled and totally forgot to load it in the car with everything else, dang it!

The sled would have been mighty useful, cause adding that extra weight on for the first snowshoe of the year was flippin’ hard. Preston carried her on the way down the trail and so I volunteered to carry her on the way back up (bad idea).

I was huffin’ and puffin’ the whole way back hahaha! Who knew that I was THAT out of shape. I mean it was a hill and the snow (with an added baby) was heavy. My hips were crying and dying with each step I took. It was hilarious, I would find a tree further up the trail that I could make it to and then stop and rest and do it again and AGAIN until we made it back to the car. Such a freaking workout!!!

Let’s just say the way DOWN the trail was the best part! A lot less work for me. If only I had the energy of our pup who sprinted up and down the mountain the ENTIRE time. I need to train her to be my sled dog so she can pull me up and down the mountain.

Anyway, despite the epic workout, we had a blast! Love being able to get outdoors and do something we love together!


Myla’s Beanie (Old Navy)  /  Baby Carrier (Ergobaby 360)  /  Myla’s Coat (Costco)

Preston’s Coat (Alpine Sports)  /  My Coat (Alpine Sports)  /  My Beanie (The North Face)



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