How is it already December?! We are going to have a SEVEN month old on our hands in less than two weeks!!! This IS NOT real.

Alright, it’s totally real and we know it and we actually have some SNOW! Soooo we decided to celebrate the first day of December sledding!!!!!! Myla, of course, had to test our her new pink sled that her Dad bought her.

*****SIDE NOTE****

I just have to talk about Preston and the love he has for this sweet girl. To say he is totally smitten would be an understatement. He just loves her so dang much and she just adores him! She literally wants him the second he gets home (daddy’s girl)!

Anyway, we were at Target shopping the other day and he saw this pink sled and had to buy it for Myla! I wasn’t going to argue, I thought it was the best and cutest idea! But, he had to justify buying the sled with this:

“I just want her to have a really fun winter.”

Melt my heart, I seriously die of cuteness from these two every single day! He is the best dad!!!!


Myla totally loved being pulled around in her sled and she especially loved sledding down the hill with her Dad! We had the best time and Brizzy really had the BEST time out of all of us (she’s a little snow hound)!

If you love snow, have snow around, and haven’t been sledding yet, GO. RIGHT. NOW.!


Myla’s Coat (Costco)  /  Myla’s Beanie (Old Navy)



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