I love how this market overlooks the bay, it makes the strong seafood scents more bearable (kind of but not really haha). So many local vendors, flying fish, food, flowers and fun to be had here!

No matter how packed it is (it’s always packed), go there and enjoy all the fresh food, local vendors, flying fish and the most beautiful flowers! Even better, the famous gum wall is RIGHT THERE!

It’s such a unique experience and so much fun just to walk around and enjoy everything that is going on around you! This is definitely a Seattle MUST!




Already noted above, the gum wall is located right there at Pikes Place Market and you have go to see the gooey fun it showcases and slap some gum on the wall (you’ve gotta leave you’re mark)! It is unbelievable how much gum there is there and you have to experience it at least once, it’s part of the city’s uniqueness.




Honestly, this isn’t the biggest aquarium and it’s pretty pricey for my liking but we wanted to do something fun while getting out of the rain. I was honestly most in love with the location of the aquarium (right on the waterfront).. There are really a lot of exhibits, including some mammal exhibits that are half inside and half outside. You can pet some starfish and watch scuba divers feed underwater.

This is an awesome way to see all of the local sea life that exists in the area, as well a Hawaiian reef section (and I’m all about Hawaii). We had an awesome time in there staying warm and dry and watching Myla enjoy all the fish swimming around! I don’t think she knew quite what to think but she loved it!

So, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing to do or a little more kid friendly activity, you should check out the aquarium. It was a good time well spent!




Another indoor activity (we went on the record high rain weekend of course), is checking out the EMP Museum. If you don’t know what this is, I highly recommend looking it up!

The unique building it’s in is amazing to see and the inside is just as unique! There is so much to SEE and DO here. We checked out all of Jimi Hendrix’s guitars (smashed and not smashed), Nirvana’s exhibit, fantasy, horror and other pop culture exhibits and it was such a good time. There was also a more hands-on area where you could kind of learn to play drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and even record in a recording studio (SO COOL).

Myla obviously wasn’t super interested in this (so it’s a good thing she slept most of the time) but me and Preston seriously enjoyed it there. It was an awesome place to explore and learn about the music world that we didn’t know a whole lot about.

I think this is definitely a MUST SEE, even if you decide not to go in, at least go and check out the building. That alone, is AMAZING (I wish it wasn’t pouring rain so I could have got more pictures)!




SEATTLE GREAT WHEEL – Obviously, it was spectacular to see, but it was so rainy and foggy out that I don’t think there would have been much to see once we got to the top, I’m still kind of sad we didn’t just go on it anyway, NEXT TIME!

THE SPACE NEEDLE – The same thing kind of went for this one. We definitely admired all of its greatness but decided not to take the ride up, NEXT TIME fore sure!

CHINATOWN – We totally planned on exploring China Town when we discovered it on our ride into the city the night we arrived but totally forgot about it until we were on our way back to the airport. We were kind of bummed but, NEXT TIME, right?


I’m sure there’s ton more we should’ve would’ve could’ve seen but these are just a few that we kind of thought about doing that we thought would have been some other great MUST SEES & DOS that we didn’t end up seeing or doing.

There is so much to do in Seattle that two full days just weren’t enough for us to SEE and DO everything that we wanted to do without totally burning ourselves out or breaking the bank. We loved everything we got to SEE & DO and look forward to the next time we get to explore Seattle!



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