Honestly, I wish we’d had more time to try more places to eat while we were here. I don’t think I quite got enough seafood or yummy little treats in my belly. But, here’s a little closer look of what to eat while you’re exploring Seattle.





This place was absolutely PACKED; we must’ve got there at just the right time. We had to wait in a line (not too long yet) and waited maybe fifteen minutes to get our food. It’s a small restaurant so there isn’t many places to sit but luckily the tables clear out relatively fast and we were able to snag one before we got our food.

I swear, the second we sat down the line tripled in size (out the door) and there was absolutely nowhere for anyone to sit. I would recommend still waiting in line for this delicious food, even if you have to stand or take it somewhere else to eat.

The food though, it will not disappoint. I would eat at this place over and over again!! Totally lives up to all it’s ratings on yelp!

We ordered the Smokin’ Hot Seattle Bitch (biscuit and gravy topped with a grilled Louisiana hot link, cream cheese and grilled onion) and the Cheesy Pork N’ Bitch (biscuit and gravy smothered with cheddar and crispy crumbled bacon). Both were SO yummy. The Smokin’ Hot Seattle Bitch was actually pretty “Smokin’,” so if you aren’t spicy food lovers, like us, I probably wouldn’t go with that, But, the Cheesy Pork N’ Bitch is a safe bet, it was a pretty standard breakfast and absolutely amazing! So go there, like NOW and give it a try!




This shop had the coolest floor to ceiling bookshelf filled with books (like a library), a huge glass paneled wall and of course a countertop filled with the most delicious looking doughnuts. Preston isn’t much of a sweets guy so I was on my own. We ended up sharing an apple fritter (it was a hard decision to make) it wasn’t too rich and sweet, seriously just right! I would bet money on it that all of their doughnuts are as good as the apple fritter we devoured!

We aren’t much of coffee or tea drinkers so we got an Italian Cream Soda and that definitely did not disappoint (Preston will testify to that, he practically drank it all himself).

Such a cool spot to check out for a little treat while you’re out and about!




I loved heading to the pier, throwing on a bib and being elbows deep in a pile of freshly cooked crab (pure happiness). As seafood lovers, we couldn’t wait to dig in and enjoy the King Crab, Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab and Salmon.

We discovered a new way to get the crab meat out by smacking it around with a mallet, it was kind of fun hearing everyone using the mallets. We also loved that they just dumped all the crab out in front of you on the table to devour.

Seafood is always a bit on the pricy side but compared to being home, the amount of money we paid was worth the amount of crab we got. I would eat here time and time again and I wish we lived on the cost so I could eat seafood for almost every meal.




I had no idea where we were but I’ve discovered that Skillet Counter is located in the Armory at the Seattle Center. Apparently everyone on yelp says this is a “hipster-esque soul food” restaurant done right, I’ll definitely agree that it was done right!

We were there for “breaky” so we ordered Alex’s Breakfast Burrito (three eggs scrambled, cheese, vegetables and salsa all wrapped up in a tortilla) and The Chub (bacon jam, bacon, one egg, cheese, brie, greens, tomato and jalapeno aioli on a tallow brioche roll).

They were both absolutely delicious and unique in their own way; I had never had a breakfast like that (especially being served with salad) and I’d eat it again. Seriously love being able to try unique places like this; you should definitely check them out!




I was pretty intimidated by the line at this place but believe me, the line actually goes very quickly and it’s totally worth the wait if you want some good chowder!

This is also another place with very limited seating but the tables clear out pretty quickly and frequently so while I waited in line to place our order, Preston and Myla scouted the area for open tables and got a spot before I even made it halfway through the line.

We ordered the sampler (this allows you to choose four different chowders) and we got Salmon Chowder, Seafood Chowder, Crab & Oyster Chowder and the Market Chowder.

This place has won all sorts of award for their chowder and I would have to agree, it’s definitely award winning chowder! I would definitely recommend this to anyone exploring Seattle, it’s definitely a MUST TRY!




We sure do love our pizza and this was another pizza place we would gladly eat again (not kidding, pizza buffs here). It is another small restaurant and we hit it early and beat the crowd so we were seated right away next to a group of four (they do communal seating) and Myla was more than happy to entertain them the entire time!

Their pizza was SO simple and so delicious. We shared the buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil pizza. Preston was DYING over the pizza the entire time and couldn’t stop talking about it (so you know it’s really good). In fact, he’s STILL talking about it and can’t/won’t stop!

So if you’re in the mood for some Serious Pie (see what I did there) you need to get some of this pizza, as soon as possible. The simplicity and signature crust will not disappoint!


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