That’s right, a SURPRISE trip to Seattle! I have the most amazing guy that kept this last minute trip a total secret, up until an hour before we had to leave for the airport.

It was Thursday afternoon and I was home with Myla, doing a bunch of laundry, cleaning the house and cooking a pot of soup for Preston since he’d be coming home from training in the evening. I got a text from Preston asking me to take off work the next day so that I could attend a big work event they were having the next day. Honestly, with such short notice I didn’t think I would even be able to make it and that was just going to have to be okay since he was telling me so last minute. But, I sent out a text to my coworkers looking for coverage anyway and someone picked up my hours and I was super excited that I would get to go.

I waited around the rest of the afternoon for Preston to get home to tell him the good news. So when he got home I told him the good news and he told me that he had totally lied and he didn’t even have a work event the next day. I was wondering what the heck he would have me get work covered for (I mean I’d totally love to just spend the day with him but this was unusual).

Next, he informed me that I had one hour to go upstairs and pack a bag for me and Myla for three days and to pack for colder weather. After much convincing, he finally spilled the beans and told me where we were going (so that I could pack accordingly) and I couldn’t have been more excited (I had been wanting to go to Seattle for some time)!!!!

Here’s what our weekend looked like CLIFF NOTE VERSION:


We packed (quickly), got Myla in her pajamas, dropped off our pup with Nana and drove to the airport. Going through security with a baby was new for us, but it was really quick and easy (aside from putting everything in the bin from scanning, that was a little annoying). Myla was a champion on the flight and fell asleep for about half of the flight and just hung out with us the rest of the time; she did GREAT! Once we got to the airport we scrambled to find a hotel, booked it and rode the light rail downtown to our hotel. We made it to the hotel and headed straight to bed!


We woke up, got all bundled up and headed out to find some breakfast. We ate at a place called Biscuit Bitch and it was delicious and hilarious to order. Seriously, such good food, I would highly recommend it!

We then went to Pikes Public Market, I had been dying to go there and I was NOT disappointed, such a cool/fun atmosphere with so much going on at once. We had so much fun looking at the unique shops, trying the fresh fruits and watching fish fly (literally) across the market. We bought ourselves some gum balls and left our slobbery mark on the gum wall, kind of gross and really fun.

Wanting to get out of the rainy weather for a while to warm up and dry off a bit, we ended up going to the Seattle Aquarium. It was so fun to see Myla trying to figure out what all the creatures were swimming inside of the tanks.

We ended up heading back to the hotel for a couple hours to get some warm clothes on, let Myla play and get a short rest before embarking on more adventures. On the way to the hotel, we wanted to get something small to eat so of course I convinced Preston to take me to a doughnut shop called Top Pot Doughnuts. Had the best apple fritter and Italian cream soda there, yum (I could go for either one of those right now)!

We ended the night by grabbing some dinner. Of course, we went for seafood, how could we not? We ended up going to the Crab Pot and we could not have made a better choice. So much crab and so much deliciousness!


We woke up and made our way toward the Space Needle and the EMP museum. We got there early so we were able to grab some breakfast first. We didn’t really plan this meal and walked past some restaurants earlier that we wish we had stopped to try so instead we ate at this place called the Skillet Counter. It was actually really good and was a quick place to stop (I’d go there again).

Afterward, we walked past the Space Needle and just admired it’s greatness (we didn’t end up taking it up) and then we headed over to the EMP Museum. It was so unique and so cool to learn all about the contemporary pop culture they showcased. I knew nothing about the museum beforehand but I was not disappointed by it’s bold and unique style and we were more than happy to get out of the rain again!

The rain kind of let up and we decided to head back over to Post Alley and Pikes Market Place. Our lunch-time munchies took us to Pike Place Chowder in Post Alley and we had the sampler (choosing four different chowders) and all the chowders we tried were absolutely delish!

When dinnertime came around again and we wanted to eat somewhere near our hotel so that we could grab our bags, jump on the Light Rail and head back toward the airport where our new hotel was (we wanted somewhere close to the airport so it would be easier to get up and get going to catch our early flight). We stopped at a restaurant called Serious Pie, it was a different kind of pizza than I had ever had before but we were SO impressed and it was absolutely delicious (and we are big time Pizza buffs so believe me when I say it was good)!

We headed back to the hotel, grabbed our bags, jumped on the Light Rail back to the airport and took a shuttle to our new hotel (which ended up being a pretend 3 ½ star hotel when it was really maybe a 1 ½). It was totally fine because we just went straight to bed.


We got up early, shuttled to the airport and caught our flight home. Again, Myla was SO good on the plane. The second they turned off the cabin lights right before take off she was OUT. She slept the whole flight and woke up for the last 20 minutes of the flight.



It was seriously such a fun weekend spending some much needed time together and we had the best time exploring the city and discovering all the good eats and good places to see! Until next time, Seattle!


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