Myla’s first Halloween was GREAT, but boy was it BUSY!!! Taking a lion cub everywhere was a lot of work (I imagine it was exactly what it would be like if I was taking an ACTUAL lion cub everywhere)!!!

Us three felines (I’m including Brizzy) tackled Halloween together. Sadly, Preston couldn’t be here , he had training that evening (who does that?!).

Myla spent the day at her Nana’s while I worked. I ran straight to pick her up after work and spend some time at the in-laws before we had to go to both of my parent’s houses (yes, plural).

When I got there, I could tell that Myla was EXTREMELY tired so I had no other choice but to put her down for a nap. It was, of course, already dark by the time she woke up so we didn’t get any pictures outside with her (oh well).

We hung out there for a bit and took a few pictures and then we headed to my Dad’s house to show them Myla’s cute costume. Of course, we had to take Myla out of her costume to fit her in her car seat, so the costume didn’t even get warn again THE REST OF THE NIGHT! haha of course! But, it was totally fine, the costume was WAY to furry for Myla’s liking!

We hung out at my Dad’s and I passed out candy to their million trick-or-treaters while they were entertaining Myla.

We then busted our butts to my moms for a quick visit and then ran home to get this little lion cub in the bath and in bed (finally)!

Let’s just put it this way, next year everyones coming to our house to see the lion cub!!!


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