Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch


After feeling like we are totally missing out on all these great fall activities, we finally made it to Myla’s first pumpkin patch experience yesterday! I’d be lying if I said we went just for her, I LOVE going every year and we sadly did not make it last year so this year was a must!

So we went to one of our favorite places, Black Island Farms! Myla may not have had a clue what exactly was going on but she was a happy “scary cute” little girlfriend the whole time! She was a little unsure about the hay ride, it sure was bumpy, but so curious to see where we were going.

She loved looking at all the pumpkins and found herself one that was just the right size! All she really wanted to do was eat her pumpkin (or her binky) the whole hay ride back from the pumpkin patch.

So fun to be able to get out together, this is something we haven’t been able to do AT ALL lately, since Preston has been out of town training. It was so nice to have a day together as a family and just enjoy each others company. It was a much needed family day and we soaked up every minute of it!

Can’t wait for more adventures to come with this little girl as she gets bigger and even more interested in everything!


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