Happiest of birthdays to my sweetheart! Number 27 is in the books! How great this last year has been for Preston! He has seriously conquered so many dreams, so many accomplishments and has made me so happy and proud every day.

In the most recent year of the mighty Preston:

-We became pregnant with our sweet Myla (happy and sad emotions came on this day for me (she was a surprise) and he kept me calm and excited for the life we had to come as a family of three.

-We sold our first house that Preston bought and completely remodeled for us to live in (totally a sad and happy time). So many great and wonderful memories were made in that house together (I still miss it)!

-We bought a new home together and completely updated the inside with all new paint, new carpet and new countertops (Preston did most of the work because I was pregnant and sick). We love all of the memories we have made in our new house so far!

-We took a trip to Disneyland and ate one million churros (obviously that’s a huge accomplishment).

-Preston graduated with his Bachelors degree in Aviation (with an emphasis in Professional Pilot) from UVU. Another proud wifey moment.

-Preston became a dad as we welcomed miss Myla into the world and became a family of three (four counting our sweet pup, Brizzy). He has become an amazing dad and is the sweetest to our little girl.

-Preston somehow talked me, into talking him, into getting dirt bikes (we will never know how this happened).

-PRESTON BECAME A PILOT AT SKYWEST (he has been working hard at this goal the last couple years and I couldn’t be more excited or proud of him)!!!!!

There are seriously so many amazing things that this last year has held and I could probably go on forever and list every amazing detail. I love all there is about this handsome guy and there are so many things that make me happy and proud of him each day. I love the life that we have together, I fall more in love with him each and every day. He make me stronger and he makes me feel whole. He is my best friend, my forever and my always.

Happy Birthday to the most incredibly handsome guy I know!


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