It is so convenient living at the base of the mountains, it makes it so easy to go out and hike frequently! Snowbasin is a little further from home but close enough that it’s still easy to go and hike.

Such a beautiful fall (almost) day to get out and get moving!

Myla was in awe of all the leaves and the big blue sky that she didn’t mind being carried in her baby wrap one little bit! She just looked around and had conversations with Preston and I as we took turns carrying her.

Our mountain hound, Brizzy, was in heaven. She loves to be off her leash leading the pack and anxiously waits for us to still be close enough behind her that we don’t get mad at her. If only we had half as much energy as she has!!! We need to find time to get this pup to the mountain more often before the mountains are entirely covered in snow (not like the snow will stop this girl, but it might stop us….from hiking at least).

There never seems to be enough time in the day and this hike was kind of short lived but we enjoyed every minute of it together. Time together has been short lived lately so it’s little adventures like these that I live for!


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