(this is super dad)


Spent the weekend in Flaming Gorge! I have some awesome in-laws who let us sleep in their trailer with this little girlfriend, just too much work and too cold for this mama to sleep in a tent this time.

I’ll be honest, I was really nervous to go on this trip with Myla only being seven weeks old! I had really been struggling with sleep and all the emotions and new things that come with being a new mom. It had been a hard seven weeks  and I really wanted to “get away” as a family and enjoy something new for a change but wasn’t sure if it would work out the way I had in mind.

After a Lot of encouragement from Preston (the SUPER dad), I decided to just give it a try! He’s been our rock lately, seriously! He wakes up for all the middle of the night diaper changes, calms me down when I cry (which is all the time lately), does all the cleaning around the house, goes to work and totally runs the show around here.

He assured me that he would be there every step of the way and support me through whatever challenges this camping trip might bring. Plus, he reminded me that we were only about four hours away from home and it was only two total nights so if it turned out to be horrible, we could all come home a day early.

I am so glad that he encouraged me to just give it a try. The whole “sleep” thing didn’t go so well the first night. This sweet girl was up about every hour or so (I think cause she was cold and of course just hungry). Luckily we were in a trailer so it made being up with her, changing her and making bottles a lot easier with a full kitchen. Also, as Preston promised he made it clear that I was not alone and we took turns getting up with her and he kept me calm through it all. After not much sleep half of the night I ended up just pulling her onto the bed between us and she slept the rest of the night (just what we needed).

The second night went much better and we just started by letting her sleep with us from the get go (this was the best idea ever). We are lucky she is such a good little baby and doesn’t cry much. It really was a little get away that we desperately needed (all three of us) and we enjoyed every minute of it.

We went out on the boat, leaving Myla behind with my mother-in-law and got to fish, which was a lot of fun! We didn’t catch much but it was just nice being out and having a good time together. We did go to the car show there and really just enjoyed being out and having fun together with Preston’s family.

If you are every nervous about whether or not to take your little one somewhere, just be brave and DO IT. We survived this weekend camping trip and it was just as challenging/easy as it would have been staying at home for the weekend. Luckily I have this awesome husband around to help too! Life is wonderful when I have him by my side!

One camping trip down for this little girl and SO many more to come!


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