CALIFORNIA & Kidney Stone Tips


Newport Beach

Unfortunately, not much of this trip was documented. Being 21 weeks pregnant, I wasn’t feeling great and I was also unfortunate enough to have kidney stones for the majority of the trip!

We spent the first day at Newport Beach, it was a beautiful cool overcast day. We hopped on a boat and took the city tour, dying over the gigantic houses we were being shown, while being disgusted and amazed at all of the HUGE seals! After getting up so early to catch our flight it was the perfect way to spend our day.

The next three days were spent in Disneyland and California Adventure. We had a blast! I mean besides the stones and Preston’s sinus infection (that came out of nowhere), we rode all of the rides as many times as we could and ate as many churros as we could (so what if I spent my whole disneyland gift card on churros… sue me)!

We had the perfect trip and it ended all too quickly. If my feet ever manage to recover, we will return again to Disneyland next year and we will be sure to document much better! Especially since next time we will have a little girl around riding all the rides she can!



If you’re anything like me, you have absolutely no idea why you get kidney stones and neither do any of the doctors. All you and the doctors know is that now that you are pregnant you will be getting A LOT MORE.

I’ve had kidney stones since I was 16 and they don’t appear to be disappearing anytime soon. Each time they are different for me pain wise. Sometimes my back KILLS like you wouldn’t believe, sometimes it’s totally my bladder that is feeling all of the pain (especially when I pee), sometimes it’s only blood red urine that I see but I feel nothing, and sometimes I feel absolutely nothing at all and don’t even know I’m passing a stone until I’ve peed it out (those are obviously the best ones).

I have no tips on how to prevent anyone from getting kidney stones because they’re not stopping for me but here are a few things that I do to try and flush them out:

-WATER. Drink as much water as you can, I mean seriously, force yourself to drink, drink and then drink some more. I try to drink 3-4 liters of water a day while I’m trying to pass a stone. The water helps move the stones along quicker. You will feel like all you do all day is pee (and sometimes it will hurt) but drinking water is probably the MOST EFFECTIVE way I have found to flush out my stones.

-PAIN MEDS. If you don’t have any pain meds, get some. I’m not talking about Ibuprofen, I’m talking the heavy stuff, personally I like Lortab (obviously if all you can get your hands on is Ibuprofen, USE IT – it’s better than nothing at all). If I know I’m having a large stone (I know because I can feel the difference now) then I will keep up on the pain meds, seriously they can be so painful that the meds are not even enough but it does help some, and it also helps me sleep when the pain is too great to get any.

-FLOMAX. You’ll have to get this medication from your doctor. It’s usually a prescription used to treat enlarged prostates but it’s also great for bladder blockages, helping you pee more easily when the stones are just TOO big. This is another med that I usually only take if I am pretty certain that the stone is fairly large.

-HEATING PAD. This is something again that helps me ease the pain even more. Something about a heating pad just makes it relieve just enough pain to make me feel a little more comfortable.

For me, my kidney stones have always been able to pass on their own (this sometimes sucks because it can take days and days before they pass). I have had so many stones that I only go to the doctor if the pain feels exceedingly large, if my urine stays red for days and days (possible kidney infection) or if I am unable to pass them after days and days of trying. Otherwise, I just stick to my water routine because there is not much the doctors can do for you at the hospital except for give you even heavier meds, but this won’t cause anything to pass, you’ll go home and you’ll still have to pass the stone (of course it will happen once the heavy meds wear off).

Like me, sometimes you may be crying, curled up in the fetal position, unable to go to the bathroom, be super nauseous, scream in pain, or whatever other things that kidney stones will make you do, but you can get through it! They’re totally unfair but stick to the plan, drink as much water as you can and go to the bathroom as much as you can. You will definitely be in pain (even with the pain meds) but you can get through it.

If it’s been a few days and you are still unable to pass your stone and still in a lot of pain, consider going to the doctor, you’re stone may be too large to pass and they may need to do surgery. Just monitor it closely and try to see if you can tell if the pain is moving down your back and toward your bladder, or not. Use your best judgement and find the things that work best for your body and pain.

Nothing will 100% get rid of your pain but I have found these few things to help me better manage the pain and get the stones to pass as quickly as possible.


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